Tom Suozzi Doesn’t Like You

I usually focus more on the national issue for the broad appeal, but every so often something happens in my backyard that I feel the need to opine on.

Our county executive is a cat named Tom Suozzi. He won reelection in 2005…at which point he started to immediately run for Governor in a failed primary challenge to Elliot Spitzter (remember that guy?), and ever since has been considered to be daydreaming aboot statewide office (recent examples here, here, and here).

Now, I’m willing to bet that there are more than a few politicians that are more focused on their own career than they are their constituents (the Save Nassau blog will clue you into just how unfocused he is on Nassau County), even while they run for re-election, much like how Suozzi is doing right now.

That said, someone brought my attention to the 5 Towns Jewish Times (a belated L’Shana Tova).

Check out Page 57.

I admit my political biases; they’re evident on this blog. But when you’re running for county executive, yet are placing ads that say “Tom Suozzi for GOVERNOR,” that’s just a flagrant insult to the people you’re supposed to be serving.

And if the people of Nassau are smart, they’ll vote Suozzi out of office so he can run for Governor guilt free.

UPDATE: As if on cue…


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