Actually, Obama Does Kinda Lie (No. 6 in a Series)

Remember, it is wrong to call the President a liar. You can’t say that “he lies” or that he’s “intellectually dishonest.” That’s the worst thing you can possibly say, so much worse than the Democrat leadership calling private citizens “un-American” and “evil.” Dissent against Dear Leader shall not be tolerated, even if some of his promises concerning health care reform might not be entirely “true.”

Hey, don’t look at me! This is the mainstream media saying this.

Of course, common sense would say that you can’t created a new trillion dollar entitlement without raising taxes on everybody, and not just those evil-monger who make more money than you. But setting aside that, there are a few other promises that are a bit of a noodle scratcher. The Associated Press highlights alleged “savings” to the tune of $2,000,000,000,000.00…

For starters, the $2 trillion in reduced costs for care, administrative work and other medical expenses were supposed to be savings for the entire economy, not just the government. That means that even if the savings were realized, much of it — no one knows exactly how much — would not be available to help Congress pay for its health overhaul bills. Those measures have ranged from an $856 billion bill by the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., to House Democrats’ $1.5 trillion version, both covering 10 years.

Then you have CBS News who, chaellenging David Letterman, gives us a Top Five Health Care Promises Obama Won’t Keep

1. No individual mandate
2. Complete transparency
3. Gov’t to directly negotiate for drug prices
4. Allow drug importation
5. Lower premiums by $2500 for a family of four

Anytime the Democrats want to at least acknowledge the thirty-two Republican healh care reform alternatives that have been introduced to the House, let alone actually read them, I’m sure cats like Reps. Paul Ryan and Tom Price are anxiously awaiting their call.


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