Pataki to Obama: “Welcome to New York, Sparky”

It bothers me that we don’t have a declare opponent for Kristen Gillibrand yet, especially after last week when she was one of seven Senators who voted AGAINST defunding ACORN (after that whole child prostitution expose thingy). The former “blue dog” is now openly bragging aboot being a new voice for progressives (::cough::poseur::cough::), and is vulnerable no matter how much the President gets involved.

The longtime rumoured opponent for her is former Gov. George Pataki, but so far the rumors have been just that. He’s “still thinking aboot it,” and I don’t know if recent polling that has him beating her is helping his decision, he seemed more than willing to give the response to President Obama’s visit to Troy (what) on Monday.

So sayeth the former Governor and possibly future Senator…

“Right now we have an economic crisis, particularly on the jobs side, and that’s what the president should be focused on along with Congress,” Pataki said. “…And not focusing on politics, particularly politics not even in Washington, but at the state level. And New York State is facing very difficult times.”

“We’re going to have an extraordinary difficult challenge in dealing with the state’s financial situation. To weaken and undermine the governor beyond the weakness that already existed at a time when he will be governor for the next 15 months, to me just doesn’t serve the interest of our state, doesn’t serve the interests of this country.”

“I would focus a lot more on policy and not on politics if I were leading the country.”

Just make up your damn mind!


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