Romney: “This is everything Obama is doing wrong…”

Mitt Romney is another cat I like to cover, though it’s a little less frequently than Newt Gingrich. While the former Speaker of the House has a new editorial three or four times a week, the former Governor of Massachusetts takes the occasional weekend getaway where he covers a bunch of issues all at once, then heads back to where he is living until it’s time to make another cameo on the national stage.

Like this past weekend. He came to speak at the Value Voters Summit, hold a few fundraisers, and campaign for the three Republicans running state wide in Virginia. He also found time to sit down for an interview with the far-left liberal rag, “Human Events.”

It followed in the vain of most Romney interviews: 1) here’s everything that’s being done wrong, 2) here’s everything he’d do differently. Sa sayeth the guy I should have supported in 2008…

Will the economy come back? Yes. But the stimulus has not helped as much as it could have. Cap and trade gets a failing grade in that it represents that we are now at $1,761 cost per average family in American, it would represent effectively a 15% increase in our tax grade, or the equivalent of a 15% increase in our tax rate. It will not improve the world’s climate simply because high greenhouse gas emits will move from a nation like ours to a nation like China where they don’t have those limits. The healthcare plan that he has is another failing grade. Some things we can all agree on: insurers shouldn’t be able to drop people when they get sick, people with pre-existing conditions need help getting insurance, an exchange, which is what we pioneered in Massachusetts could work quite well. Some of those things we could all agree on.

And I recognize that that’s something which is a positive. But the idea of a public option with a government insurance program is absolutely wrong and deserves to be taken off the table. Likewise, the level of expenditure that he’s posing — almost a trillion dollars, which you know will grow much larger over decades — is not something that America can afford. His plans to spend this nation into additional excessive borrowing would, in the words of Sen. Judd Gregg, bankrupt America. And that is dangerous, and of course another failing grade. There’s some things he’s done that I agree with. I’m glad he didn’t pull our troops out of Iraq as soon as he said he was going to. I’m glad he adopted our philosophy in Iraq. I’m glad that he has been supportive of the efforts in Afghanistan, although not as successful there as we might have hoped. And I’m sure there’s some other things. I’m trying to think of them.

Later on he focused specifically at the automotive industry, something the Romney’s know a little somethin’ somethin’ aboot, what with his father being the former Governor of Michigan and a former CEO of General Motors…

Take something like General Motors. You can get government out of General Motors very quickly by distributing the shares of General Motors which the government holds to the American taxpayers. And now government is out, and it’s back to being a fully public company, owned by the American people, and of course most of us would sell our stock, but there’d be some buyers, and they would accumulate stock, and you’d have shareholders, and share-holder meetings, and directors, and it’d be run by the American people, or guided by the directors, so by the American people. As opposed to being guided by politicians.

It’s very hard for a business to respond to politics, because they’ll be building cars that politicians want to be elected, but not cars that Americans want to drive down the road. Look, I love American cars, I drive American cars, my heritage is Detroit, and there’s no reason why our car companies can’t compete with anyone in the world. But if government steps in and tries to run those businesses, that could be a very unfortunate course.

You know, it really would have been nice to hear from THIS GUY during the 2007-2008 campaign season than the Romney we wound up being introduced to, but than again this is why people get second chances.


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