Rear Naked Blogging: Kimbo Slice Enters the Octagon

Kimbo Slice! Rampage Jackson quits the UFC! Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort is (almost) signed! All that, and much more! Well, not much more…

KIMBO SLICE – Kimbo Slice makes his UFC debut this Wednesday, as he faces former IFL Champion Roy Nelson on the “Ultimate Fighter.” It’s funny, you would think the former six-figure fighter who had an entire organization built around him would be the one with a sense of entitlement. Yet, Kimbo is busting his ass and Nelson is the fat bastard who doesn’t think he needs to listen to his coaches, just because he’s a “veteran” and a “former champion.”

RAMPAGE RETIRES – As for Kimbo’s coach; Rampage Jackson announced his retirement from fighting. Apparently when I wrote that Dana White was ok with him ditching the Rashad Evans fight to shoot the new “A-Team” movie, I was wrong. Dana has been going apeshit, and out of anger Rampage quit. Yes, people quit on Dana all the time. They always come back.

ANDERSON VS. VITOR – Speaking of Dana, if the Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort fight hasn’t been signed yet, it will be soon. It’s set for the big January 2nd show. If it were me, I’d throw the Dan Henderson vs. Nate Marquardt fight on the undercard as well.

RASHAD EVANS – With Rampage gone, who does Rashad Evan fight next? At this point, I say just sit back and wait for the winner of the Lyoto Machida vs. Shogun Rua fight. Evans getting his rematch for the title would make a good main event for Superbowl weekend.

VERA VS. COUTURE – Not, not Brandon Vera vs. Randy Couture. We talked aboot that last week. I’m talking aboot the Nov. 20th Strikeforce fight between Kerry Vera and Kim Couture…the wives! You have to admit, that’s a good piece of marketing right there.


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