Gingrich: “Obama and Chavez sitting in a tree…”

Newt Gingrich mentioned three reasons why conservatism is making a comeback, one of which is a foreign policy that shows a “…confusion between fighting in Afghanistan, releasing terrorists, and trying to punish those who have been defending America is beginning to arouse great anger among the national security wing of American life.” An example of this is the recent coup attempt in Honduras.

I’m not entirely sure what happened, though being a blogger doesn’t prevent me from opining anyways. In a nutshell, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya tried to unlawfully re-write the constitution so that he could stay in power. The Honduran Supreme Court said it was illegal and had him deported as a last result. Most of the countries in the region are on the side of the Supreme Court and military. Hugo Chavez is on the side of his friend Zelaya, who literally tried shredding the pages of the constitution.

Guess which side President Obama is on? And for Newt Gingrich, the outrage doesn’t end there…

The Obama administration’s reaction to Honduras’ attempt to stand athwart this anti-democratic tide in Latin America has been shocking and inexplicable. This summer, the administration promptly labeled the ouster of Zelaya a “coup d’etat” and insisted that he be restored to power. The administration has since cut off aid to Honduras and threatened Honduran assets in the United States. Obama Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton even canceled the visas of Honduran Supreme Court members who are refusing to sanction Zelaya’s return to power. So much for an independent judiciary.

Perhaps most inexplicable has been the Obama administration’s pronouncement that it will not accept the results of the Honduran presidential election scheduled for November as long as Zelaya is denied the presidency. There is no reason to doubt that the upcoming Honduran elections will be more honest and democratic than others the Obama administration has accepted without much complaint, such as the “elections” in Iran earlier this year.

All parties, including Zelaya’s party, are participating and the candidates were selected before the current crisis began. The winner will take office when Zelaya’s term would have legally and constitutionally ended in January. The Obama administration should reverse itself and announce that it will accept the results of the November elections. If it refuses to do so, the Senate should support South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint’s effort to block confirmation of President Obama’s assistant secretary of state for Latin American affairs until the administration changes its mind.

Read the whole article for a more indepth report of what happened and when. I usually give the President the benefit of the doubt when it comes to foreign policy matters, just because he sees the classified briefings and I don’t. But this is one of those stories that cause me to stare at my screen and say, “wait a second, what?!?”


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