Sarah Palin is Bigger than Jesus

Sarah Palin’s memoirs come out in November entitled, “Going Rogue: An American Life,” which will be awesomely awesome because we’ll be able to kick of the 2010 campaign season with a Palin inspired media frenzy, especially the parts of the book that, “…describe Ms. Palin’s frustration over her treatment by the staffers she inherited from the McCain campaign after her surprise pick as the GOP vice presidential nominee last year.”

Though while the media will be outraged and anonymous “strategists” will criticize without having the balls to do so publically, there is still a huge pro-Palin contingent in the country. Now, that doesn’t mean they want her to ever run again. I consider myself to be pro-Palin, but wouldn’t vote for her for President…at least not in 2012. But out in America, the folks love themselves some Sarah.

So sayeth Politico

Her recent resignation was perplexing. It’s raised doubts about her viability as a potential presidential candidate. Still, she remains extremely popular with the GOP grass roots, and most Republican Party leaders would jump at the chance to have her headline one of their events. That’s the picture that emerges from interviews with dozens of GOP state and local leaders from across the country.

As part of an effort to gauge Palin’s popularity with the rank and file beyond the Beltway, where the GOP establishment is lukewarm toward the charismatic former governor, POLITICO surveyed nearly 50 prominent Republican Party officials and politicians, representing every region of the country and ranging from statewide-elected officeholders to state legislators to state and county party chairs.

Some refused to talk about her at all. Others, mostly her critics, would do so only off the record. But taken as a whole, the body of interviews revealed that despite Palin’s high negative ratings in recent national polls, Republicans at the grass-roots level and their leaders still hold a very favorable impression of the former Alaska governor. Westerners have a particular affinity for Palin, with many noting that she embodied the values of freedom and self-reliance.

Take away the “off the record” comments, because there always seem to be Republican and Democrat strategists who will tell reporters what they want to hear “off the record.” Palin is still a powerful fundraising force, and one that can turn out the base like no one else. Going into the 2010 elections, where “the base” is what wins and over eighty congressional districts held by D’s but that voted for John McCain, could we be seeing Palin v2.0?


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