Bobby Jindal Hearts…ObamaCare?

It’s funny, for a while it seemed like I was blogging aboot Bobby Jindal every other day, yet hasn’t had anything to say aboot him since March. After that disastrous performance giving the response to the Presidents SOTU (yes, I can call id disastrous and still be a conservative), he seemed to have stayed out of the spotlight since then.

That’s disappointing because his is a voice we as conservatives definitely need as part of the health care reform debate. His entire background revolves around medicine and the medical industry. He is to Republicans for health care what Mitt Romney is to the economy and Sarah Palin is to jobs. So when he finally spoke up aboot health care, I was excited.

I wasn’t quite expecting this though…

“I think now is the perfect time to pivot and to say, not only here’s what we’re against, and not only here’s how we’re going to contrast ourselves, but here’s what we’re for,” Jindal said in an interview with POLITICO. Jindal acknowledged that the Republican Party for years had been too slow to stake out positions on the health care debate “to our peril and the nation’s peril.”

“I think that in some circles, it was viewed as a Democratic issue,” said Jindal, who served in top posts at the Department of Health and Human Services during the Bush administration and ran his state’s health department in the ’90s. Jindal urged congressional Republicans to go to the White House and find common ground with Obama.

“Let’s start anew,” he said they should tell the president. “We’re willing to work with you in a bipartisan way.”

Here’s my problem with this…WE’VE BEEN TRYING TO. Republicans wanted to work with the President and has been saying that we should start over and work together. It’s the Obama campaign and the Democrats who aren’t having it. They have the votes to do whatever they want, and then claim we’re the one’s standing in the way.

It’s also hard to work with someone who constantly lies to the American people that Republicans don’t have alternative health care reform solutions President Obama knows damn well we have. Look them up: H.R. 77; H.R. 109; H.R. 198; H.R. 270; H.R. 321; H.R. 464; H.R. 502; H.R. 544; H.R. 917; H.R. 1086; H.R. 1118; H.R. 1441; H.R. 1458; H.R. 1468; H.R. 1658; H.R. 1891; H.R. 2520; H.R. 2607; H.R. 2692; H.R. 2784; H.R. 2785; H.R. 2786; H.R. 2787; H.R. 3141; H.R. 3217; H.R. 3218; H.R. 3356; H.R. 3372; H.R. 3400; H.R. 3438; H.R. 3454; and H.R. 3478.

So I pose the question to Gov. Jindal…what do you propose we do?


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