Marco Rubio is a Big, Fat RiNO

Of course he isn’t, don’t be ridiculous. This is what we in the blogging hustle call a “bait and switch,” where we give you a crazy headline to grab your attention. We’re still going to talk aboot Rubio and RiNO’s, but he’s not the RiNO himself as much as he is the hunter.

The reason I took interest in the Florida race is because I thought it was a great example of the debate we need to have as a party nationwide. I’m not much of a “RiNO Hunter” myself. The two from the Maine, they’re the best we’re going to get up there. But in the case of Florida we had one candidate who checks off ALL the boxes (Rubio) against on who is nothing more than a younger, tanner Arlen Specter (current FL Gov. Charlie Crist).

The Republican Party NEEDS Marco Rubio, and for further examples why, I give you the far left liberal rag “Human Events….”

Rubio’s race is a textbook example of what’s happening nationally — as the grassroots express their concern with a radical left-wing administration, Republican party leadership will have to back off its initial policy post-election of ‘soften your message.’ A diluted Republican message is the watermark of Rubio’s Republican primary opponent Charlie Crist, the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s anointed candidate in the race. Crist campaigned around Florida supporting President Obama’s “stimulus” spending spree and, after an “environmental summit” last year, proposed his own version of a “cap-and-trade” plan which the state legislature rejected.

“The United States does not need two Democratic parties,” Rubio insists, and, despite the Democrats’ stranglehold in both the House and the Senate, the makeup of Republicans who did get elected proves Rubio’s point. The group of conservatives in the U.S. House — known as the Republican Study Committee — now has 113 members, which means it represents well over half the total GOP (177) members in the House. By contrast, the Democrats’ Congressional Progressive Caucus, which houses left wing favorites like Barney Frank and is the largest Democrat caucus in the House, has only 83 members out of 262 Democrats (including delegates and the resident commissioner) in the House.

“I think next year’s elections, especially in the Republican primaries, are going to be a lot like a political Halloween,” Rubio said. “A lot of people are going to come dressed to the party like conservatives, but in fact, in the real…world, they haven’t been that, not in a principled way.

Last quarters fundraising ended yesterday, and you know what comes next. They’ll be tons of stories aboot the millions and millions of dollars raised my Crist that dwarfs what Marco Rubio raised. BFD. The election isn’t until next years and he closes the gap with every poll taken. So help him out by donating at

He has as good as a chance as a former community organizer with dark skin and a funny name has of becoming President of the United States.


One thought on “Marco Rubio is a Big, Fat RiNO”

  1. hahaha, got me there, I clicked on the link with the plans to write one long angry tirade. As a Floridian, nothing would make me happier than seeing Marco Rubio come away with the parties nomination. Well, except for waking up and finding out that Ron Paul won the Republican presidential primaries, and the last couple months have just been a crazy dream.

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