The Right Hook

I’ve been quiet for the past two weeks, and this is why.  Your regularly scheduled blogging will resume Monday, October 19th.

NY Young Republicans announce talk show

Krogh: Right Hook new way of reaching out

Lynn Krogh, Chair of the New York State Young Republicans, today announced the premiere of “The Right Hook,” a new production from the country’s largest young republican organization.

“Internet radio is the newest rage and newest way to reach out to the public,” said Krogh.  “This program will discuss hot news items, upcoming YR events, and ways for people to get involved.”

TRH can be heard every Wednesday at 9PM by visiting and features host John Brodigan of the poplular blog, Krogh, and Bryon McKim of McKim Strategies in Saratoga Springs as well as a variety of guests.

Krogh concluded, “Tonight’s debut will feature Tabitha Hale of in addition to Peter Halliday who is the Chairman of the Stueben County Young Republicans.  I’m really looking forward to this becoming the start of something great.”


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