Rudy Makes Up His Mind…Almost

So before I went on sabbatical at the beginning of October, we were questioning two things. One was health care reform. The other, at least in New York, was what Rudy Giuliani was going to do with his life. And while the former is as funked up as if ever was, we’re starting to get clarity on the second.

I’ve always been in the Rudy for Senate camp. Yes, in a perfect world, Rudy would be governor. In a perfect world, people would see that the NY Democrat Party, while being in control of all branches of state government AND a wholly owned subsidiary of the labor unions, has kinda screwed things up to a fair thee well and Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t be trouncing the competition.

But the NY GOP at least still needs Rudy at the top of the ticket, and the Senate seems to be a perfect fit. The polls are in his favor, both the President and current Senator Gillibrand (the blue dog turned employee of liberal special interest groups enlightened progressive) keep lobbing him softballs, and flipping a seat in NY would be HUGE.

Apparently Hizonner is starting to see things my way…

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has decided against running for governor, but is strongly considering running for U.S. Senate instead, sources told the Daily News.

The Republican heavyweight was considered the GOP’s best shot at reclaiming the governor’s mansion. The only declared candidate on the Republican side is little-known former Long Island Rep. Rick Lazio.

One source said Giuliani is prepared to run for U.S. Senate against Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand next year to fill out the remaining two years of Hillary Clinton’s term.

I think what sealed it was the Obama Campaign deciding to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as an American citizen as opposed to a war criminal (which is a blog post for an entire other time), giving Giuliani the reasoning he needed to go to Washington and take care of business, out of a sense of civic duty, put America’s national security interests first, etc. I’m also sure the fourteen point leade he current has over Gillibrand doesn’t hurt matters either.

And like I said, we need him at the top of the ticket to help the rest of the party ESPECIALLY if you look at the internal numbers and see that Rudy pulls a lot of Democrat support as well.

As with all things Rudy Giuliani it’s all a waiting game, but at least it’s beginning to look like we won’t be waiting much longer.


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