Paul Ryan to Dems: “So, about those jobs….”

Mike Barnicle likes to say that the American people are concerned aboot three issues and three issues only, “jobs, jobs, and jobs.” If memory serves, since February seems like a decade ago, we needed to pass the President’s “economic recovery” act (aka, the crap sandwich known as stimulus) otherwise unemployment would go past 8% and millions of people would lose their jobs. The bill passed. Unemployment is now at 10.2%.

Nancy Pelosi said the “Cap and Trade” bill was about jobs, jobs, jobs and all of these “green” jobs it was going to create. The detail she left out was these jobs were going to be to replace the other energy sector jobs this legislation was going destroy (which it even says so in the bill). There also a part that said you could sue if you think global warming has affected your life, but that’s not the issue here.

If you listen to the media, you’d hear them say Republicans have no solutions…which is funny because if the media wasn’t so busy demanding everyone with a R-State after there name denounce Glen Beck (who I think is an assclown), they might get around to asking them aboot their solutions. Take it away Rep. Paul Ryan…

Should this message get through to the White House and leaders in Congress, what can Congress do to encourage small businesses and entrepreneurs to take risks, expand their operations and create jobs? As argued during the previous stimulus debates, there are legitimate steps Congress can take to help the American economy in both the near and long term, including the following:

–>Support Real Policies for Growth. Fast-acting tax policy – such as allowing expensing on all new investments – would boost incentives to expand business operations and create jobs. In addition, lowering the corporate income tax rate – currently the second highest in the industrialized world – would help attract investment in the U.S., and reduce the incentives to shift business operations and jobs overseas.

–>Provide Tax Certainty. Due to next year’s expiration of past tax laws, the Majority is set to hit Americans with new tax increases on investment, savings, businesses, families and workers. This threat is stifling business investment and job creation today because of the uncertainty in tax laws. Congress should permanently extend the current tax laws and drop its insistence tax increases. This would serve as a de facto tax cut, increasing the after-tax rate of return on investment and unlocking billions in private, idle capital.

–>Get Spending Under Control. Congress threatens to erase any potential economic gains if we fail to get a grip on our fiscal crisis. We are set to double our national debt in five years, triple it in ten – and then the spending really explodes as the baby boomers retire. Absent serious reform, our entitlement programs will not only grow themselves right into extinction, but they will impose a crushing blow to our budget, our currency, and our economy in the process. We should stop the creation of a new health care entitlement and make sustainable existing programs that strengthen our health and retirement security. I will continue to promote my efforts to tackle this challenge head on (;

Read the whole article, mainly because he backs up things I’ve said with actual links that I’m too lazy to do myself. Plus, Rep. Ryan is one of the brightest leaders of the Republican party that we have.


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