Romney to America: Hey, We Tried to Warn You

During the campaign, you were never allowed to question Barack Obama’s lack of experience. You were allowed to question Sarah Palin’s lack of experience, not to mention her uterus and which kids were actually hers. But Obama? The Chosen One? Anytime you questioned the fact that he really didn’t have much experience at doing much of anything you were attacked by his surrogates of fearing change and best and being a racist at worse…and that was just buy the serious journalists at NBC News.

Now that he’s a president and that lack of experience is starting to show, while the media tries to distract you by reporting on Glen Beck, unemployment is over 10% (it wasn’t supposed to hit 8% if we passed the crap sandwich known as the stimulus bill), no one knows what his plan is for Afghanistan (including him apparently), and even Saturday Night Live is scoring points by satirizing the fact that, for all the rhetoric, he hasn’t really done much.

Enter Mitt Romney for another one of his brief cameos…

A full year after being elected, Obama still does not have a strategy for Afghanistan. His apologists explain that rather than rush a decision, it is better to get it right. But at some point, deliberation, if it goes on too long, becomes indecision. It is fair to ask, What has he been doing for the past 12 months that took precedence over his responsibility for our soldiers?

The answer is that he made 30 or more campaign trips for the Democratic Party and its candidates, including five events for defeated New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine alone. He repeatedly traveled around the country to keynote campaign-style town hall meetings that were carefully choreographed by his communications advisers. He appears to want to do what he knows best: campaign, rather than engage in what he was elected to do — lead and govern.

While he was busy campaigning in the U.S., the president ignored the election in Afghanistan and took wholly inadequate measures to ensure a valid outcome, even as he must have known that a legitimate government was essential to our success. Because Obama left so critical a matter to chance, we are left with a fraudulently elected regime, which is accused of rampant corruption. Thus, the prospects for our success have been greatly diminished.

I like how Mitt is taking the Stone Cold Steve Austin approach to criticism where he runs in, drops the stunner, and leaves…but that’s hardly the issue here.

The issue is one that should have been brought up during the campaign – and that a Republican campaign would have successfully brought up had it not been grossly incompetent – which is that even though he talks pretty sometimes, a guy with less than two years experience in the Senate and next to no experience of doing much else…maybe he’s a little underqualified to be trying to tackle some of the issue the country faces.

If you look at a lot of the polls, apparently people are starting to realize the same.

But hey, he did win the Nobel Peace Prize….


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