Defending Newt Gingrich

During my hiatus, Newt Gingrich did the most unthinkable, no good, worst, very bad thing he could possibly do. He went against the collective on Twitter and *gasp* endorsed a candidate that people disagreed with. Expressing a different opinion sucks ass.

Don’t get me wrong. Dede Scozzafava was a joke and I disagreed with Newt’s endorsement. But I also thought conservatives who claimed a guy who looked like a failed high school accounting teachers was the “new leader of the movement” were a joke, and have blog before what a joke the NY Conservative Party is (which includes endorsing Doug Hoffman as a candidate instead of someone like Matt Doheney who actually lived in the district).

So yeah, the NY-23 was one giant clusterfuck. But while others are calling for the former Speaker of the House to be run out of town over a trivial nothing issue like the 23rd, it’s THIS Newt Gingrich who I’m more concerned with…

Gingrich’s American Solutions organization announced Monday that Gingrich will hold what it calls a “real jobs summit” in Cincinnati, Ohio, followed by another the next day in Jackson, Mississippi. That’s the same day Obama holds his forum in Washington.

“President Obama’s upcoming ‘Jobs Summit’ in Washington, DC is an acknowledgment that the big government stimulus package failed to create jobs. For an administration that is actively promoting job-killing health care, energy, and big labor legislation, holding a ‘Jobs Summit’ is deceiving political theater in the midst of millions of Americans struggling to find work,” the possible 2012 GOP presidential hopeful said in a statement.

“Beginning in Cincinnati, we will be traveling the country talking to small business owners and entrepreneurs – the engines of growth in our economy – to get their ideas on how to create jobs and grow the economy,” added Gingrich.

So yeah, if people want to Tweet aboot “Newt sucks” that’s fine. I’m more concerned with serious issues like the economy, and while I don’t agree with every decision the former speaker makes, I’ll take economic town halls, opposition to card check, pushing school choice and charter schools (even if it means rolling with Al Sharpton) and “Drill here, Drill Now” over an endorsement in a district of NY I’ve never heard of and have already forgotten aboot.


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