Even Liberals are Turning on President Hopeandchange

Is it just me, or does Khalid Sheikh Mohammed look just like one of the marionettes from “Team America: World Police?” I digress…

I really don’t have anything to add to the KSM/9-11 trial that folks like Rudy Giuliani, Pete King, and Andy McCarthy have express more articulately and with more effective anger than I ever could. Besides, I’m sure the last thing the internet needs is another conservative blogger criticizing the President. At least, not when it’s so much funner to point out liberals who have been criticizing him as of late.

First is Richard Cohen, who I’m a huge fan of because a) I like hearing from people who disagree with me, and b) Cohen is an actual liberal as opposed just another Obama apologist. Here’s what Mr. Cohen has to say recently aboot the assorted foreign-policy related…it’s Thanksgiving, so I’ll be generous and call them “oopsies….”

But to reread the speech is also to come face to face with an Obama of keen moral clarity. Here was a man who knew why he was running for president and knew, also precisely, what he personified. He could talk to America as a black man and a white man — having lived in both worlds. He could — and he did — explain to America what it is like to have been a black man of Wright’s age and what it is like even now to be a black man of any age.

Somehow, though, that moral clarity has dissipated. The Obama who was leading a movement of professed political purity is the very same person who as president would not meet with the Dalai Lama, lest he annoy the very sensitive Chinese. He is the same man who bowed to the emperor of Japan when, in my estimation, the president of the United States should bow to no man. He is the same president who in China played the mannequin for the Chinese government, appearing at stage-managed news conferences and events — and having his remarks sometimes censored. When I saw him in that picture alone on the Great Wall, he seemed to be thinking, “What the hell am I doing here?” If so, it was a good question.

The Barack Obama of that Philadelphia speech would not have let his attorney general, Eric Holder, announce the new policy for trying Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four other Sept. 11 defendants in criminal court, as if this were a mere departmental issue and not one of momentous policy. And the Barack Obama of the speech would have enunciated a principle of law and not an ad hoc system in which some alleged terrorists are tried in civilian courts and some before military tribunals. What is the principle in that: What works, works? Try putting that one on the Liberty Bell.

Even the Obama Apologists at the serious news organization MSNBC have been critical (as opposed to the fake news on Fox). Here’s JBdotC 2008 Political Douchebag of the Year Chris Matthews, who sounds like \his leg isn’t tingling as much as it used to…

“I worry about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. He’s going to find himself an ACLU lawyer . . . He’s going to use that as a platform from hell where he gets to spew his point of view on the Middle East – that kind of thing he’s going to sell with the beard and everything – The New York Post is going to be reborn with this guy as the enemy. I just worry that he’s going to win this argument for months before he gets executed, if he does get executed. If that ever happens, I worry about this becoming a show for the bad guys.”

You’re doing a heckuva job there, Barry!


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