Memo to Young People: Obama Hates You

All of the new members in the Young Republicans we’ve picked up this year, every one of them, we’ve gotten because of President Obama. They don’t care aboot the Republican Party per se and aren’t there hoping someone will give them a patronage job. They’re there because Obama’s reckless domestic agenda is scaring the hell out of them. We’ve even picked up two recent converts who voted for him in November that are just realizing what they’ve done.

We have tons of discussion as to how to bring more youth into the Republican Party. People under 30 broke for Obama 2-1 in the last election, and liberals have a great message: vote for us and we’ll give you tons of free stuff we’ll make other people pay for. They even glitz it up with celebrity endorsements. We’ve got…eight years of George Bush.

So yeah, we’ve got our work cut out for us, but a good way to start would be to point out just how expensive these free liberal goodies are. Case in point, health care…

But judging by Obama’s signature domestic policy goal ā€“ his massive expansion of government-subsidized health care to the presently uninsured ā€“ you wouldn’t suspect that young Americans were such a vital constituency. While the backers of the plan tout it as being “deficit-neutral,” it is unlikely to stay so for long. The so-called “public option,” a key part of both the House and Senate bills, is modeled on Medicare and Medicaid, two federal programs not exactly known for their fiscal rectitude. Down the road, the new entitlement may well require massive infusions of cash to stay solvent, thus adding to an already enormous national debt with which future generations will have to contend.

But the aspect of the plan that most adversely affects young people is its requirement that most or all Americans purchase health care. Today, young adults comprise about a third of the 46 million Americans who lack it. They are not necessarily suffering; many take a calculated risk that their money is spent better elsewhere, or choose jobs that offer higher salaries as opposed to costly health benefits.

Given the economic difficulties that can overtake someone who faces a medical emergency, universal health care may not be a bad idea in principle. But even then, a basic plan offering catastrophic coverage makes more sense for the young than what Obama is proposing.

Under his plan, young Americans will be forced to pay more than they already do, that is, if they even have health care in the first place. That’s because the plan limits the right of insurers to offer cheaper premiums to lower-risk (i.e. younger) customers, and mandates that premiums for older Americans be no more than twice as much as those paid by younger Americans, even though the cost difference between the two sectors is far greater.

Doesn’t sound free, does it? The trick is getting more people under thirty to start to understand that.

As a side note, this is usually where libs come in claiming “oh well, where’s your plan? The serious journalists at MSNBC say you don’t have a plan.” Well, examples of ideas are here, here, here, here, and here, plus Google the infamous editorial by the CEO of Whole Foods who wrote on an editorial on health care alternatives, it so outraged open minded and tolerant progressives they started protesting the store because he expressed a different opinion.


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