Harry Reid Thinks Susan Collins is a Racist

Oh, that Harry Reid. Apparently according to the Senate majority leader, people who oppose the government takeover of health care are the same as people who opposed ending slavery. Yes Virginia, if you oppose ObamaCare you’re essentially a racist. And while I anxiously await all the serious journalists at NBC News and the NY Times (as opposed to the fake ones on Fox) to call on every Democrat to denounce Reid the same way they’d call on Republicans to denounce Glen Beck, I take solace on the general rule of thumb: when you have to resort to the race card, you’ve lost the argument.

I can only assume he’s speaking specifically at cats like Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma. The equation usually goes white + male + southern + having a different opinion from a liberal = racist. Damn all those radical white southern conservative who are standing in the way of the President doing what he wants like…um, Joe Lieberman and…SUSAN COLLINS?!? But she’s a squishy moderate RiNO?

That may be the case to some, and while she did support the stimulus bill, apparently she has the audacity to oppose HCR (specifically the Trojan horse to a single payer system public option) and even gives and example why. It failed miserably when they tried it in her home state of Maine…

Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) repeated their opposition to a “public option” in a final Senate health care bill when CNSNews.com asked if there were any circumstances in which they would vote for cloture on the bill if it includes a government-run insurance program. Collins said she agreed with Lieberman and cited the failure of the government- run health insurance program in her home state of Maine.

“I do not support and think it is unwise policy to create a government-owned, government-run insurance company,” Collins said. “And it is not necessary to achieve the objective of broader coverage, lower cost, and higher quality health care system.”

Collins said the Maine program was extremely costly and only provides health care coverage for 10,000 of the 150,000 low-income people in the state who are uninsured. “It didn’t work,” Collins said.

The program in question is called DirigoChoice

It drove up insurance premiums to three times that of neighboring New Hampshire, and the costs became so prohibitive that Maine had to ration entry into DirigoChoice. Why? Government-imposed mandates on private insurance, including the community rating and guaranteed issue that Congress will demand as part of ObamaCare, made insurance a lot more costly. Those who joined DirigoChoice then began using it in the manner that third-party payer models encourage, and Maine quickly ran out of money for the program.

Anyway, I fully expect the White House to strongly denounce Harry Reid’s comments on the floor of the US Senate. Or at the very least, say he acted stupidly.

Olympia Snow, Maine’s other squishy moderate RiNo senator, the nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you.


2 thoughts on “Harry Reid Thinks Susan Collins is a Racist”

  1. It is very strange that Obama’s allies trash everyone left and right as being racist, but no one ever exposes the fact that the doctrine of Obamas church in Chicgoa is fundamentally racist. It is well documented in the foundation books on Black Liberation Theology by James H. Cone. See this link for more details:


    Deosn’t anyone read books any longer? You can assume that anyone if a group like that is also racist, whether they are overt about it or not. David Duke proposed several decades ago that racist put a nice face on their racism.


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