[VIDEO]: Erick Erickson is Saving the GOP from Itself

On “The Right Hook,” at least once a week we kibitz aboot the “establishment vs. the base,” which being the New York State Young Republicans has come up regularly in the past month thanks to the debacle known as the NY-23. Personally I’ve always considered myself to be more a conservative than a Republican (one’s a series of beliefs, the other is just a job) and while the party dropped the ball eight ways from Sunday in choosing whatsherface, that was more of a drastic example.

And I still say my conservative brethren may not have been singing the praises of the NY Conservative Party had they known aboot them endorsing liberal Democrats cross endorsed by the WFP (aka ACORN) in Nassau and Westchester, and in the case of Nassau tried to sabotage the county executive’s race in favor of the Dems just so that the local conservative chair could keep his job in the administration, but I digress.

The question remains when to fight and when not to fight, and in the case of cats like Erick Erickson from Redstate.com (the most influential conservative website on the Internets), it always seems time to fight. Erik, along with many others believe, that the principles always come first, especially in dealing with a Republican establishment that continues to let conservatives down. Two points he made in a recent interview that I feel need repeating. The first concerns the race between JBdotC fav Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist…

“The top priority right now is beating the Republican Establishment,” Erickson responds. “The Republican Establishment wins a lot of these races like Crist against Rubio…. The narrative is going to be from the Republican Establishment that conservatives can’t win. I think we have to beat the Republican establishment and prove conservatives are still viable candidates for the Republican Party.”

The other looks ahead to 2012, and while some of us have been looking at serious candidates like Mitt Romney (or unserious candidates like Sarah Palin), Erick has someone else in mind…

Right now Mitch Daniels is the guy that I’ve got my eye on. He says he’s not running, but then they all say that. He’s turned around Indiana. He’s been a good governor there. He actually raised taxes when he got in; then started cutting taxes — cutting business regulations, cutting state bureaucracy. He’s the type of guy that’d probably be best against Obama.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always agree with the “movement conservatives” and think a lot of these people need to get over themselves. While I’m more of a C than and R, I’m also more of a moderate C that looks at things on a case by case basis. Alot of these people I think are all talk on Twitter and, much like dealing with wrestling fans in the beginning of this decade, have nothing to say once they shut their computers off.

That being said, THANK GOD for people like Erick Erickson who aren’t there to fight the “good fight,” they are there to lead it. No one who even be giving someone like Marco Rubio or a Pat Toomey (PA) a second look had he not been.


2 thoughts on “[VIDEO]: Erick Erickson is Saving the GOP from Itself”

  1. Since my original running mate for Mitt couldn’t keep it in his pants, I could be talked into a Romney/Daniels ticket.

    The thing I like best aboot Mitch Daniels is the same I like aboot Bob McDonnell. “Yeah, I’m a social conservative. Now let’s talk aboot jobs and the economy.”

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