Tim Pawlenty: He’s Really a Real Conservative (this week)

I really want to like Tim Pawlenty, but so far he’s making all the same mistakes that soured me on Mitt Romney when he ran for President the first time. T-Paw is a blue-state Republican Governor who has a successful record to run on, is conservative without needing to be a dick aboot it, and started off with a great message by a) pointing out to people that they are more conservative then they realize, and b) while liberals have a great message of telling voters they’ll give them all this free stuff, you and I both know nothing is free.

But instead of running job creation, the economy, and other kitchen table issues that Governors deal with on a regular basis (like Romney should have), he’s trying to turn himself into the “real conservative” in the race (like Romney tried and failed miserably at) by attacking Olympia Snowe, attacking Mike Huckabee on his latest clemency blow-up, and even attacking Romney on “RomneyCare.”

And though while my original excitement for Pawlenty has turned into a sense of “meh,” he appears to have picked up one key endorsement…kinda. I give you Dick Armey

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) believes Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is standing on the “safest ground” of all the potential Republican candidates for president in 2012. “There are people vying and becoming emergent as who can be the most effective voice,” said Armey, the most prominent leader of the tea party movement through his group FreedomWorks.

“My own view is that Pawlenty is the person standing on the safest ground,” he said in a CBS News interview posted online Monday.

“He has no major disappointments behind him,” Armey said of Pawlenty. “He has the chance to create a fresh new public understanding of who he is and what he stands for. Right now, you have to put him there.”

Personally, and this is just one mans opinion as a blogger and a citizen political consultant, Tim Pawlenty should stick to what he knows because faux conservatism doesn’t impress that many people, not to mention if you’re really a capital “C” Conservative you don’t need to constantly prove it to people (like a Haley Barbour, for example).

Not to mention as long as Sarah Palin is blogging from her Facebook account, he’s never going to be the darling of the base, yet by over doing it will alienate other Republican voters who might be willing to give him a chance. He should stick to what he knows.


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