Sarah Palin Will NEVER Run for President

It’s funny that after a two month hiatus from blogging, Sarah Palin is still the top thing to talk aboot. This weeks faux controversy? She gave a speech to the Tea Party Nation where she…wrote notes on her hand.

Now, set aside the fact that she did that is another example of why she’s not ready for prime time…AND set aside the fact that a Fox News contributor writing notes on her hand before giving a speech in front of a big audience isn’t as bad as the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES needing the teleprompters to speak before a 6th grade class room…here’s my question. Why are we even still talking aboot her?

I mean, I know why the liberal propagandists at places like NBC News and HuffPo are. She’s a distraction from actual issues and the fact that even though the Democrats own the White House, the House, the Senate, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, and the Associated Press (nine reporters to fact check Palin’s book vs. only two to fact check ObamaCare), they don’t seem to be able to get much done. But it’s my fellow Republicans and eCons I don’t get. I know the instinct to defend our own against a media onslaught, especially in the case of Sarah Palin where it wasn’t enough to go after her they had to go after her family also. But let’s be honest with ourselves here…


I never thought she was running in 2012 in the first place, but after quitting as Governor of Alaska (not particularly endearing) after people tried to bankrupt her family (making in understandable why she quit), her career as an elected official is over. She’s not going to run again. Never mind the millions she’s going to make off of Fox and giving speeches…I can’t see anyway she would put her family through that again, especially since you think people went after them as a Vice-Presidential nominee under Grandpa John? Imagine if she’s the top of the ticket.

And this isn’t even a criticism of her personally…mainly because I don’t want to get bombarded by e-mails calling me a squishy RiNO and a communist. I mean, personally I think there’s a reason she’s talking to the Tea Party Nation and not the Conservative Public Action Conference (CPAC)…but it’s possible for us to disagree aboot her without being lumped in with people like Keith Olbermann and Anna Marie Cox. But enough. She’s not running for President. It’s time to find a new leader.

Instead of falling into the media’s trap…ignore her, let the media have their fun, and pick a few leaders who you think are the future of the Republican party and talk aboot them instead: Paul Ryan, Mitch Daniels, Bob McDonnell, Tom Coburn, Jim Demint, Nikki Haley, Kelly Ayotte, Sue Lodwen, Scott Brown…


3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Will NEVER Run for President”

  1. the media is just sucking up everything about Sarah Palin because not only does she look good, she has entertainment value (something that might not be so good when you’re trying to set yourself up as a serious politician). I agree, her running for president is very, very unlikely and we must really be careful and not get distracted from the REAL issues that are hiding behind the hype.

  2. John – for better or worse, many GOPers are actively hoping that Palin does run in 2012. Will she run? Maybe, maybe not. But I suspect she’ll keep her name our there for as long as possible, like Rudy did, to make herself a more marketable commodity for books, public appearances, etc.

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