[VIDEO]: Marco Rubio in His Own Words

I’m not a big fan of the belief that the YRs (Young Republicans) need to “wait their turn.” The old way of if you kiss enough ass, donate enough money, and let the party control you and who you’re friends with they might let you run for something in twenty years doesn’t work for me, and so far in 2010 it doesn’t work for many others either. If YRs aren’t running for office themselves, they’re running the campaigns, starting their own companies, and finding other ways to effect the political process. Remember, the YRs and the YAF (Young America’s Foundation) were the one’s who chose Ronald Reagan were the grown-ips were telling us how Gerald Ford was just the cats pajamas.

The prime example this election cycle of younger Republicans not sitting back and waiting their turn is thirty-eight year old former Florida Speaker of the House Marco Rubio. Perhaps you’ve heard of him (if you’re reading this blog you probably have). He’s the guy running against the unbeatable current Gov. Charlie Crist that doesn’t have a chance in hell of beating him because Crist has all this money and just because establishment Republicans said so. And by the way…Rubio is beating Crist in all the recent polls. Go figure.

One of the things that endears me to Rubio the most is his ability to think outside the box, such as with his IDEAraisers, his book called “100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s Future,” which drew on ideas he heard from average citizens during those IDEAraisers, and his most recent video series “Marco In His Own Words…

While Florida’s statewide campaigns have traditionally been fundraising and TV advertising contests, Marco Rubio’s rise has been the product of communicating his ideas directly to voters in person and through the web.

Through this web video series, we hope Floridians will find Marco’s straightforward, from-the-heart message to be a refreshing approach to modern campaigning. Follow the series on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

In today’s first video, “My Background,” Rubio discusses his family background and working class upbringing in the same unedited, unrehearsed and unscripted way he has done in town halls and events across Florida.


One thought on “[VIDEO]: Marco Rubio in His Own Words”

  1. If Marco wished to honour his parent as having stated
    then he would not have become an politician. More so
    an republican. /An party in power in having abandoned
    domestic /international law /whom used an defence of
    freedom the defence of democracy as the cover/ thus
    allowing the illegal invasions of nations. Where setting
    up puppet Govts then an continuation in robbing such
    nations of their own //much needed natural resources.

    Hundreds of thousands slaughtered man woman child
    shown no mercy// suffering destruction as death that
    beyond measure / a river of tears as /an river of blood
    such brought by a heartless Republican party / blinded
    by extreme / driven by crackpot religious ideas /beliefs.

    It not much to be a politician one needs but learn to
    in spinning nonsense / making it sound good //where
    selling you a dud car which not roadworthy /yet give
    such a spin with unflinching smile that not only do you
    believe the spin /as a fool invite them into your home.

    Marco should hang his head in shame that his parents
    having given so much / gave such sacrifice for nought
    in producing a son in having no shame /a vacant heart.

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