Mitt Romney: Meet Him Again, For The First time

I mentioned the “Re-Imagining of Mitt Romney” last week (to which a friend of mine snarkily called the re-re-re-re-imagining, *shakes fist*) on how M-Ro has learned from the mistakes of his failed 2008 campaign. Top of the list is of course not running as himself and instead running as a born again social conservative who was a ghost of Reagan future. Then after losing in Iowa, the wheel complete fell off, we nominated John McCain, we got President Obama.

The birth of the new and improved Mitt Romney took place last week at CPAC, where he was the best I’ve ever seen him. I was even sitting next to a friend who was a Rudy person and never a big Romney supporter, turn to me and say, “Okay, I’m sold.” Of course one speech does not a re-invention make, but it still felt like the official launch of his 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Here is senior JBdotC Romney correspondent Dan Balz with more…

He marked the beginning of his reemergence with an appearance at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, which wrapped up three days of rhetoric Saturday. There he delivered a full-throated attack on Obama’s policies, and he offered praise for former president George W. Bush and former vice president Dick Cheney.

For that he drew an enthusiastic response from an audience that has become emblematic of the party’s most conservative wing. It didn’t hurt that he was introduced by the newest darling of Republicans, Sen. Scott Brown (Mass.), whose victory in the special election for the seat once held by the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D) dramatically changed the political calculus in Washington and around the country.

Brown’s election provided Romney with one of his best laugh lines. “For that victory,” he said, “that stopped Obama-care and turned back the Reid-Pelosi liberal tide, we have something to say that you’d never think you’d hear at CPAC, ‘Thank you, Massachusetts!'”

I’ll have a review of “No Appologies” up on the site hopefully by Friday, if not early next week at the latest.

It seems the Presidential campaign starts earlier and earlier every four years.


One thought on “Mitt Romney: Meet Him Again, For The First time”

  1. I’m bitter that you were within viewing distance of him. I shall have my revenge! Whenever I actually purchase tickets to one of his events before they’re sold out that is…lol.

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