Is John McCain Freaking Kidding Me?

I’ve always like John McCain. He’s the original reason I became interested in politics, and admire and respect his service to our country. But dude…seriously?

Let me take you back to September of 2008, when we were in the midst of the mother of all financial calamities. John McCain suspended his Presidential campaign to head back to Washington DC to get in the mix. This is where TARP (aka the ban bailout came to play), something that most of us thought was a bad idea and wanted Congress to slow down and do it right.

McCain could have opposed the plan which would have been what Sen. McCain would have done, not to mention give the Republican Party a chance to break from George Bush. He could have taken to the floor of the Senate and made famous the cats who were porking it up, as he had been saying he was going to do. Instead, he did nothing, said nothing, and snuck out of town.

So when I read this

In response to criticism from opponents seeking to defeat him in the Aug. 24 Republican primary, the four-term senator says he was misled by then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. McCain said the pair assured him that the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program would focus on what was seen as the cause of the financial crisis, the housing meltdown.

“Obviously, that didn’t happen,” McCain said in a meeting Thursday with The Republic’s Editorial Board, recounting his decision-making during the critical initial days of the fiscal crisis. “They decided to stabilize the Wall Street institutions, bail out (insurance giant) AIG, bail out Chrysler, bail out General Motors. . . . What they figured was that if they stabilized Wall Street – I guess it was trickle-down economics – that therefore Main Street would be fine.”…

But McCain stopped short of calling the TARP a mistake. “Something had to be done because the world’s financial system was on the verge of collapse,” he said. “Any economist, liberal or conservative, would agree with that. The action they took, I don’t agree with.”

Don’t get me wrong. Supporting a bither who supported George Bush’s big government, big spending programs in a primary against McCain is a mistake. Not when this will most like be McCain’s last term and we have both Jeff Flake and John Shaddegg waiting in the wings.

But seriously John? Seriously?


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