Dan Senor…ANOTHER Opponent for Kristen Gillibrand?

Two things are clear aboot running for US Senate in New York. One, still no one to run against Chuckles. Two, to run against Gillibrand, your first stop is “Morning Joe.” First Harold Ford Jr., then Mort Zuckerman, and now Dan Senor.

He’s an interesting choice, mainly because you wouldn’t assume a former Bush Administration official that’s tied heavily to the Iraq War would be running for dog catcher in Troy (what) let alone state wide as a candidate for the United States Senate. I’m also not entirely sure how someone with such a heavy foreign policy background will do in an election cycle where everyone’s mind is on the economy, especially in New York where Wall Street is being used as a pinata.

That said, I always enjoy his appearences on “Morning Joe” and he already seems to have a thumbs up from Erick Erickson and the folks over at the National Review Online

If Dan does jump into the race, the people of New York will discover what many of us already know: Dan is a tremendously knowledgeable figure on a range of foreign policy and economic issues. (A graduate of Harvard Business School, Senor is an investment professional and a founding partner of Rosemont Capital, a private investment equity firm; and he wrote Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle.)

Dan is bright and energetic, principled and agreeable, and, I think, quite good on television. He would make an excellent candidate — and an even better senator.

In that chamber he would be to foreign policy what Rep. Paul Ryan (another friend and former colleague of mine) is to economic issues: a respected public spokesman and a “go-to” guy. Both Dan and Paul are the kind of people the GOP needs as it makes its way back to power and restores its reputation as (to use a phrase coined by the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan) the “party of ideas.”

So, add ANOTHER name to the list for folks thinking of running against Kristen Gillibrand. As for Chuckles, we’re all waiting on you Kudlow.


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