Paul Ryan to Obama: “I got your reform right here, Champ!”

Like I’ve said before, if anything has come out of the President Obama’s two most recent health care reform related publicity stunts, besides no longer being able to lie to the American people that Republican’s don’t have ideas of our own, it’s that he’s managed to elevate Wisconsin congressman and JBdotC fav Paul Ryan to the national spotlight.

And this is especially after last Thursday’s all day televised health care reform marathon, where you know Republicans had a good day because it got next to no mention on the always fair and balanced MSNBC. I’ll admit I didn’t get to watch any of the all day affair myself, what with the fact I have a job during the day, but judging by the various video clips my fellow eCon’s have been passing along the Twitter, Paul Ryan seemed to have the best week ever.

I’m posting one of those clips here, but not until after a few HCR related excerpts from his recent editorial in Newsweek

HEALTH CARE: You, not your government or your boss, should own your health plan. The Roadmap replaces a tax break that benefits only those with job-based health insurance with tax credits that benefit every American. It addresses the key drivers of rising health-care costs, securing universal access to quality, affordable health coverage.

MEDICARE: Everyone 55 and over will remain in the current program. For those now under 55, the Roadmap turns Medicare into a health-care program like the one enjoyed by members of Congress. Future seniors will receive a voucher and will be able to choose from a list of Medicare-certified insurance plans that best suit their needs. The government subsidy will provide additional support for those with lower incomes and higher health costs.

SOCIAL SECURITY: Everyone 55 and older will remain in the existing program with no change. My plan offers those now under 55 a choice: continue to take part in traditional Social Security or join a retirement system like Congress’s own plan. Future seniors will be able to invest more than a third of their payroll taxes in savings accounts they will own. These accounts will be guaranteed and managed by the federal government—not by a private investment firm. For both Social Security and Medicare, eligibility ages will gradually increase.


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