For the Love of God, Leave Scott Brown Alone

It’s funny. One week, newly elected MA Senator Scott Brown got a heroes welcome at CPAC, as he introduced Mitt Romney. A week later, he’s getting jeered by many of those same conservatives for voting to allow a vote on a jobs bill. Such is the burden of being a squishy moderate. Speaking as someone who comes from one of them bluer than blue states – where most people aren’t as conservatives as they should be – everyone needs to calm the hell down.

Most of the national support for Brown was to be the 41st vote to block ObamaCare, which he is. But at the end of the day, he’s still a Senator from Massachusetts. He has constituents that he has to answer to more than he does the rest of us on the Internets, and while he’s probably going to vote with us a good 80% of the time, there will be times he strays from the collective. Heaven forbid Obama gets to appoint another Supreme Court Justice, don’t hold your breath on a filibuster.

There’s also a risk we run in demanding purity. Other than the fact that conservatives are supposed to believe in leaving things to the states, which you would assume would include who they elect to represent them (with some exceptions), we also risk losing seats in states like Massachusetts and here in New York…which is how we got into this mess in the first place. Senior JBdotC Red state, Blue state Correspondent Brett Josphe arranges the words better than I do:

As a conservative Republican, I can only hope that those tempted to demand ideological purity from everyone in our Party will proceed with caution. Yes, America is a center-right nation. Yes, conservatives are the largest self-identifying ideological group in the country. However, the conventional political wisdom permeating conservative circles seems destined to lead the movement and Republicans astray.

America is not an ideological land. It is filled with men and women whose biggest concerns involve their families, their jobs, their bills and their ambitions for a better life. They are far more concerned with high unemployment right now than with maintaining conservative principles. That doesn’t excuse wild, irresponsible spending or the complete abandonment of fundamental principles, but it certainly warrants consideration of a politician’s circumstances and the needs of his constituency.

The respective ideological bases may have great sway over the candidates that Democrats and Republicans produce, but it is still the Center–the Independents–who actually determine who gets elected, at least at the presidential level.

Read the whole article, and give Scott Brown a break. We’re lucky to have won the Kennedy seat in the first place.


2 thoughts on “For the Love of God, Leave Scott Brown Alone”

  1. Here’s the problem. Candidate Scott Brown told us he would hold the line on big government spending & hid 1st Senate vote was for more stimulus spending, while hundreds of billions remain to be spent from the last Stimulus Bill. Why is that? How can it be justified by you or any of the others who betray Conservative principles? More wasted BILLIONS by Progressives & their RINO accomplices. I CAN’T FORGET THAT!

  2. Apparently, the only way a Republican can make the masses happy is to NEVER spend any tax money on anything EVER. I know, we just won’t collect taxes anymore…will that make you folks who never seem to be happy with Republicans satisfied?

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