Larry Kudlow, NY Turns it’s Lonely Eyes to You

With Harold Ford Jr. dropping his big for NY Senate, reducing the number of people running or thinking of running against Kristen Gillibrand to only twenty-seven, that still leaves us with our other US Senator and the only cat who is even rumoured to be running against him, Larry Kudlow.

Much like Rudy Giuliani running for Senate, Larry Kudlow would be a powerful candidate who would fire up the NY GOP and raise a lot of money in a short period of time. Unfortunately also like Rudy Giuliani, my fear is that Kudlow is going to break our heart in the end.

Which isn’t to say that’s a reason to drop the “Draft Kudlow” movement, as JBdotC Senior Kudlow and Company Correspondent Roger Stone explains…

Conservatives cannot let them rewrite history, and Larry Kudlow can snatch away their pen. He was present at the birth of the economic prosperity Ronald Reagan brought to America. So it is up to him to pick up the Kemp banner; he must relight the Reagan torch. Win or lose, a Kudlow campaign would re-energize the growth wing of the Republican Party. That alone is worth running for, but he can certainly beat Schumer whose approval rating has dipped to a record low…

Kudlow would run an uplifting, erudite and issue-oriented campaign in the style of Jack Kemp. Although he cannot match the $19 million in blood money packed in Schumer’s war chest, Kudlow is well liked on Wall Street and at the Tea Parties and he can raise significant late dollars – big and small – to be competitive on television. As a skilled communicator in America’s Medium, Kudlow would wear well with a broader audience.

In the end, it was a popular draft movement that pulled Jim Buckley and Alfonse D’Amato into their New York Senate races, and they both won tough campaigns. In perhaps the most important draft since Goldwater, Larry Kudlow would attract thousands of young conservative activists and he would re-invigorate the Reagan/Kemp wing of the Republican Party.

He had me at “Jack Kemp.” Run Larry, Run.


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