2010: Got Internets?

One of my many job titles is the New Media Director for the New York State Young Republicans…which let’s be honest, is really just a fancy way of saying I sit in the basement eating Cheetos and playing on the Internets all day (and visiting TechRepublican.com as much as I can). But it gets me free books, gives me a the opportunity to rant on the radio once a week (The Right Hook, son), and I do try to read up as much on the latest New Media news (or social media news, or direct media news, etc.) that I can. So the article from Politico, 2012 prelude: GOP hopefuls go online, caught my eye.

It took a look at the more popular names who are rumoured to be running for President in 2012, and the investments they’re putting into an online strategy this far out from even the 2010 midterms. So sayeth David All, the god of all things Republican and/or conservative internets related…

“Anyone thinking about running for president – or even local dog catcher – needs to have an effective online strategy from day one, because it will be the most determining factor of early-, mid- and possibly late support,” said David All, an online political consultant who founded the blog TechRepublican.com, which tracks the use of Internet applications by Republican candidates and groups.

It’s not enough to simply have grassroots energy on the web, All says, because it takes infrastructure to channel online enthusiasm into engagement – and donations. “You have to be willing to put resources into online politics to do it right,” he said.”

Mr. All bringing up the local dog catcher brings me to my only problem with the article. While it’s all well and good to be judging the 2012 candidates on their web presence, what aboot the more important 2010 elections? How are the candidates running THIS YEAR?

This is where you guys come in. Who are some of the candidates running locally where you live (congressional, state senate, etc.) that have the most impressive web sites, effectively use Twitter and other social media tools, think outside the box, etc? What are they doing and how are they doing it? Who doesn’t have a clue?

Here in New York, the two I find most impressive are Comptroller candidate Harry Wilson and US Senate candidate David Malpass. How about where you live? Leave a comment with the who’s and why’s, plus a few web adresses as well!


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