Outrageous Outrage Over Liberal Rhetorical Rhetoric

I’m over the tea parties. Yes, I know they might try to throw me off of Twitter for saying so, but for the most part they’ve started to bore me. So when the left started in with their “wah, you tea baggers are so violent” schtick, I just shrugged it off.

I mean, if we’re talking aboot “inciting violence” I could point to President Obama last summer telling his followers to “get in people’s faces,” and a week later the SEIU was at town hall meeting assaulting protesters – including one instance where they were shouting racial slurs at the guy while they were beating him down – and how some could see that as “inciting violence,” but…meh. Personally, I enjoy watching NBC News and other leftwing outfits like the Huffington Post and the New York Times get outrageous outraged, but they’ve been doing it every time a group of conservatives opposed any part of the Obama agenda and your average voter has been able to see through it anyways.

I should probably point out that I fully supported the left exercising their first amendment rights by protesting anything the Bush Administration did over the past eight years. I also supported the senate filibuster, and thought people should have read major pieces of legislation like the Patriot Act before signing it. I digress…

My indifference towards “[person who disagrees with me] is angry and violent” aside, there were things on the internets I felt necessary to bring to your attention. The first comes from Redstate.com’s Erick Erickson – and regardless what people want to say aboot conservatives blindly following Rush Limbaugh (he’s so 90’s), we actually blindly follow Erick – who recently wrote aboot some of the hypocrisy

The Democrats and many talking heads in the media have gone so far as to say that any and all acts of violence against the government are to be blamed on Republicans. The Pentagon shooter from a few months ago turned out to be a registered Democrat and 9/11 truther who hates conservatives, George Bush, and the right in general. But the right’s “rhetoric” caused the guy to shoot up the Pentagon.

Across the board, every bad poll number for the Democrats and every word by the right has been tied together by an angry horde of the seditious, a call to violence, and a warning that when and if any violence does occur against any elected official or the government in general it is the right’s fault because of their words.

So if someone blows up a Wal-Mart tomorrow or attacks an employee for Exxon, a pharmaceutical company, or another corporation is that the left’s fault?

The other comes from my good friend Tabitha Hale. I’ll let the video speak for itself…

Open minded an tolerant liberals?


2 thoughts on “Outrageous Outrage Over Liberal Rhetorical Rhetoric”

  1. “regardless what people want to say aboot conservatives blindly following Rush Limbaugh (he’s so 90′s), we actually blindly follow Erick”

    Man, I’m going to have to up your salary for that one. LOL. Thanks.

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