David Malpass for New York Senate

Finding an opponent for Kristen Gillibrand has felt a little like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. Both Rudy Giuliani and Dan Senor were all set to announce “any day now” before Lucy pulled the ball, leaving us screaming “Good Grief” as we fall flat on our ass. However there is one of the current candidates I find myself becoming more and more of a fan of, economist and Forbes columnist David Malpass.

Malpass is a veteran of the Reagan in Bush 41 administrations (Treasury Department with the former, State Department with the later) plus has been endorsed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), with around this corner of the blogosphere means a great deal. The NY Sun describes him as a, “…a successful businessman and public intellectual who is short on gimmickry and long on substance,” before giving a little more of his background:

“Mr. Malpass came by this the hard way, working his way up not only in business, where he was chief economist of Bear Stearns, but also in government. He served on the staff of the Senate Budget Committee. During President Reagan’s years in Washington, Mr. Malpass was brought in, at the Treasury Department, to deal with the debt crises of that era, which has given him an understanding of both the fiscal and monetary side of things and helped make him, today, a man of the hour. When he served in the in the State Department, he travelled to Latin America, where he pressed for free trade, jobs-producing policies, and constitutionalism. Importantly, he has emerged as a man who will take no nonsense from the supra-governmental institutions, like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the United Nations.”

Two things that I was particularly impressed by…

The first is Malpass having the most impressive new/social media operation, which scores major points for me. The last thing we need is anymore Republican candidates who, if they don’t understand social media themselves, know enough to hire people who do. And for me, the most basic metric is how hard I have to look for information on the candidate. David Malpass stood out from his competitors because I don’t have to look at all…Facebook and Ubertwitter do it for me.

The other thing is, while I don’t mean to parrot his slogan of “Serious times, serious senator,” I at least get the impression that he has a better understanding of the issues at hand instead of going through the basic catch phrases: “Taxes!’ “Socialism!” “Obamacare!” “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it!”

Case in point, when the New York Post recently reported on the Gillibrand’s betting against the American people (I’m paraphrasing), Malpass called for the stricter lawmaking trading regulations and called on our current unelected senator to answer the same questions the Democrat Party is demagoguing demanding from Wall Street.

I don’t want to call this an endorsement because a) I’m just some jackass with a blog, and b) I don’t have the best rack record (though my endorsing Harold Ford Jr. and David Paterson were meant just for schtick). That said, I still would be honored to called David Malpass my United States Senator.


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