Me vs. Illegal Immigration

I don’t have much of an opinion on the recent illegal immigration law passed in Arizona. I know I’m expected to what with me being an eCon and the blogging assassin and all, but not living in Arizona or even along the southern border, I don’t feel it’s right to tell people who do what is or isn’t best for their state.

And while stories like the school in San Francisco telling students they couldn’t wear American flag t-shirts to class illustrates just how closed minded and intolerant liberal progressives are towards people who think differently from them, I try to avoid the outrageously outrageous outrage whenever possible.

The thing I’m confused by is “profiling,” which everyone in the media tells me is bad. The fear with this law is that it might encourage the police to unfairly profile anyone of Hispanic dissent…but for that argument to work, your premise is that all cops are racist (or at least prejudiced) until proved otherwise. How is that not profiling?

When the President of the United States – before his Justice Department finishes reviewing the law – suggests that families risk being pulled over while going out for ice cream…that sure does sound like profiling to me.

I’m just saying.


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