Random Thoughts: Times Square Bombing

I usually stay away from war and/or national security issues, just because the usual snark I bring to the political horseraces and the media doesn’t seem appropriate when discussing issues where people’s lives are on the line. Plus, unlike domestic issues where most of the information is available to me, the same isn’t true when it comes to national security.

And I’m okay with that. When it comes to the daily threats and who is trying to blow us up today, I full expect the government to not tell me aboot any of it. I’m comfortable with a President of the United States that tells me everything is fine…then heads down to the basement, rolls up his sleeves, and beats the crap out of whoever is being interrogated himself.

That said two things aboot the recently failed Times Square bombing…

1. When they say “the system worked,” like with the underwear bomber from last year, the system working seems to include us counting on the incompetence of the terrorists. And if part of our anti-terror policy includes us hoping the guy fucks up detonating the bomb…I have a few questions.

2. How exactly did Sens. Joe Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, and Scott Brown position themselves to THE RIGHT of Glen Beck? Glen Beck went on Fox News to say that of course the suspect, as an American citizen, is still protected under his Miranda rites, leaving me with the uncomfortable realization that Beck (who I think is an assclown) actually had a rational point.

The three senators want to strip suspects of their CITIZENSHIP, and while I haven’t read the details of the law they’re introducing as well as the pro’s and con’s…I’m sorry, WHAT?!?


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