Review: Iron Man 2

“I’m so glad Robert Downey, Jr. got sober. If he did Iron Man on drugs he’d be so confused.” – Homer J. Simpson (via the Twitter)

We were all surprised at just how good the original “Iron Man” movie was. My friends and will go see any comic book movie regardless of how terrible it looks, but the first “Iron Man” was not only surprisingly good, it was so good we had voted in the third best Comic Book Movie of All Time. Plus, let’s be honest, Robert Downey Jr. can do no wrong.

Some of the early reviews said the movie was disappointing and/or not very good, but I was talking to a friend and we wondered if that was just because the first one was so good, the sequel didn’t live up to expectations like so many others don’t (“X2” being an exception). So was “Iron Man 2” as good as the first movie, no. Was it disappointing and/or not very good? Oh hell no!

BTW, this might be where spoilers come in…

The first movie was nothing but an origin story: who Tony Stark is, how the suit came to be, his first villian, etc. In “Iron Man 2” you seen Tony struggling with the aftermath of both going public as Iron Man, and other unintended consequences. The government wants the “Iron Man weapon” all to themselves, and the faux “pacemaker” he made for himself to safe his life in the first movie was slowly killing him in the second one…which doesn’t really help the alcoholism. It’s rare you ever see a hero in these movies struggling with their own limitations and mortality, but like I said before, Robert Downey Jr. can do no wrong.

My only real complaints were the two new characters. Scarlett Johannsen playing the “Black Widow” didn’t do much. One of the things I liked most aboot the first movie was that while most of the female characters in these movies are their mainly as window dressing, Pepper Potts (played by Gwenyth Paltrow) was an integral part of the movie. If she wasn’t in the movie, and portrayed as brilliantly as she was, it would have negatively effected the story. They seemed to throw Scharlett Johanssen in there just to set up a movie spin-off…though her fight scene was pretty awesome.

The other was Mickey Rourke playing “Whiplash,” who don’t get me wrong, did an incredible job. He was one of my favourite super villains in any of these movies. But like which so many of the genre before this, they seem to kill off the villains way too easily…or if not kill them off, render them useless for future stories. I never saw the point to that.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Where it ranks on the Top Ten…for that I may have to reconvene the Council of Geek Boys. But for two hours of enjoyment on a Friday night, it was well worth the money.


2 thoughts on “Review: Iron Man 2”

  1. I was a little let down by Iron Man 2, mostly because it didn’t live up to the first one. Iron Man 1 to me, was not only a great comic book movie, it was a great movie.

    Robert Downey Jr.
    RDJ as a drunk, asshole Tony Stark. That’s how he’s supposed to be.
    Scarlett Johannsen’s dresses.
    The fight scenes were fucking incredible.
    The scene after the credits had me shouting with joy.
    Stan Lee as Larry King. BRILLIANT.

    Iron Man 2 had so much pomp and circumstance about the upcoming Avengers movie. Yes, I get it! Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, we saw it in the comic book, ok let’s move on.
    Not enough Whiplash/Ivan. He’s the bad guy! We’re seeing part of his story, let’s see more of it.
    Did the final fight scene against Whiplash feel like a gyp to you?
    The scene on the rooftop. Omg! We’re in love! Hundreds of people died tonight and there’s millions in damage across the city but it’s okay! We’re in love! KISSY FACES.

    I enjoyed it, but it felt like more of a plug for the Avengers movie, which sucked ass.

  2. Ok, yeah, the kissy face scene was a bit much. 🙂

    My concern with the Avengers movies is that it’s going to be so overly hyped, there’s no way it could possible be as good as we’re expecting. I don’t even know what story they’d use. If they use the debacle that was the animated movie…ok, I’ll still pay money to go see it, but I won’t be happy.

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