Paul Ryan: A Quiet Weapon

“So it is clear to me that people are ready to be talked to like adults. They are ready to have these ideas presented to them, and they want to choose the path of American exceptionalism, not managed decline.” – Paul Ryan

I make it a point to share any article I find on Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), not just because I’m a huge fan, but also because he shatters the stereotype the media tries to paint Republicans have. He’s young, not southern, moderate in temperament, is chock full o’ the ideas that the Democrat Party claims we don’t have…yet is still willing to go against the establishment and endorse candidates like Marco Rubio (before it was en vogue to do so) and David Malpass to bring more reform minded R’s to Washington.

Ryan does this weird thing where, instead of running through the usually catch phrase that make the crowd go wild, treats voters like adults, lays out hard choice we have to make, and is a serious legislator looking to deal with the serious problems this country is facing. “World Magazine” had a great profile piece on him. A blurb…

“I’m not interested in being here to be an efficient tax collector for the welfare state, or for helping just run the bureaucratic trains a little more efficiently,” he proclaims. “I want to fight for the American idea.”

What is that American idea? To Ryan the nation is a place where its leaders, inspired by the founders, act on the belief that God—not government—creates rights. The practical consequences of that truth translate into equal opportunity in free-market democracy, something Ryan calls moral. With a high-stakes battle of ideas raging in Washington over big- and small-government solutions, Ryan believes this is his moment. “This is everything I believe in, everything I’ve studied. It is what I am wired for.”

Ryan calls this era of federal bailouts, takeovers, and overhauls “scary”—but he also has a hard time hiding his excitement. He says that he spies a silver lining in the Democrats’ expensive ambitions: Voters are talking about the country’s identity. “They just threw a bucket of cold water in the face of every voter,” Ryan said of the Democrats. “They woke us up out of our sleepwalk.”

Read the whole article, because it also goes into his background prior to being elected to Congress, and even has one of his colleagues suggesting he should be taken seriously as a Presidential candidate in 2012.


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