Random Thoughts: Randy Altschuler and the NY-1

We’ve got three cats running in the Republican primary for the NY-1: Randy Altschuler, George Demos, and Chris Cox. Now, if you’ve read this blog you know I’m a fan of primaries…when there are clear ideological differences, like in the Florida Senate primary. A healthy debate aboot who and/or what it means to be a Republican is good for the party.

The thing in the NY-1 though is that all three candidates are ideologically similar, save for the usual “duck season vs. rabbit season” arguments over who is the realer conservative. There’s one big difference among the three of them though. According to a recent report in CQ Politics, Altschuler is one of the Top Ten funded challengers in the country. 435 people running for congress. Randy’s in the Top 10.

(Also in the Top 10 is the NY-23’s Matt Doheny. Doug Hoffman who?)

Normally I say to hell with the money. If you want to run, you should. But then I was reading today that the current Congressman Tim Bishop is apparently so scared, he needs to bring in Bill Clinton (a former President of the United States) to help him raise money for a Congressional seat.

Which begs to question, a what point do we as Republicans coalesce behind one candidate when there’s such a great opportunity for a pick-up, as there growingly seems to be in the NY-1?


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Randy Altschuler and the NY-1”

  1. Randy is a great candidate, and is, with his fundraising ability and Conservative Party endorsement, the best candidate to defeat Bishop in November.

  2. What good is money when it came from outsourcing American jobs? Randy’s not a bad guy, but he has too many skeletons in his closet to win over the independent voters that we need to oust Bishop: former member of the Green Party, history of not voting, recent move to Suffolk County, and, of course, the outsourcing. This race will be very closely watched across the country. And as a result, national money will pour in for whoever the Republicans choose. Let’s just make sure we don’t waste the great opportunity we have this year to take back the House!

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