Chris Christie: My Spending Caps are Like Bad Medicine

What? I’m more of a Bon Jovi than a Springsteen guy. Anyways…

As a New York conservative, I’m very excited by what’s been going on in New Jersey. The usual meme is that conservatism – actual conservatism – won’t work in blue states like NJ or NY. Governor Chris Christie is intent on proving them wrong.

Of course the jury is still out. First the Governor needs to put forth the reforms that he campaigned on during the election. That’s usually easier said than done. Even harder is getting the reforms passed. Then you have to work to make sure the reforms stay and place and, well…work. Finally, there’s the vote of confidence from the people of the state by having them re-elect you.

Gov. Christie is well on his way to accomplishing the first step, and yesterday unveiled, “a 33-bills pack that will enact sweeping changes and reforms,” in the state of New Jersey…which includes having people vote on a constitutional amendment? From yesterday’s speech…

A constitutional amendment to be place on the ballot this November, to cap property taxes at no greater than a 2.5% increase without voter approval. We would also asks that constitutional amendment to include a 2.5% cap on spending for state government operations. There are a number of other reforms that are laid out in the releases we gave you today that we’ve talked about extensively both throughout the campaign, the transition, and now as we move forward into the last 51 days before the end of the legislative session.


Now the legislative majority continues to play out of yesterday’s playbook. Let’s raise another tax, put a one year, temporary one year fix on something, and then we will be back next year for another tax. This year it’s a tax against one group of people, the next year it will be a tax for somebody else. And believe me, people of New Jersey you already know, that the taxes they’ll be coming after are coming out of your pocket.

Versus a position the administration is taking, and I believe legislative Republicans will take as well and many like-minded legislative democrats who are going to say that it is time to get at the root cause of this problem and to make the difficult decisions that the people sent us here to make. Which are to get at the cause of property tax increases. And that is the out of control system that is being run here out of New Jersey and being forced upon municipalities and school boards, being forced upon many county governments in many instances because a lack of political will here in Trenton.

I HIGHLY recommend reading the full transcript, because his speeches are quickly turning into poetic works of conservatism – big on ideas, lite on “red meat” lines – that we haven’t heard since Ronald Reagan.

Now on the phase two, which considering Trenton is as dysfunctional if not more than Albany is, should at the very least be entertaining to watch.


3 thoughts on “Chris Christie: My Spending Caps are Like Bad Medicine”

  1. “A constitutional amendment to be place on the ballot this November, to cap property taxes at no greater than a 2.5% increase without voter approval.”

    All for it but reminding you that they’re still a pretty blue state. How does this differ from similar constitutional amendements like that in California that have strangled the state financially? (Of course, the spending cap helps.)

  2. The devil’s in the details. I’m mainly excited that someone who talked like a conservative during the campaign is doing what we always say we want them to do…shut up and govern.

    We’ll see though.

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