Can Rick Lazio PLEASE Start Running Against Andrew Cuomo?

Those of you who listen to The Right Hook know that besides being a Rick Lazio supporter, my frustration with the state GOP grows week after week, and the main reason is the debacle the Governor’s race has become.

After Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts – where he won a Senate seat held by the Kennedy family since the 50’s – it should have been a no brainer. Brown showed us that a) a Republican can win in a deep “blue state,” and b) the state Attorney General is no longer the heir apparent to state wide races. Rick Lazio could easily be New York’s “Scott Brown” and the day after Brown’s victory was the day to get behind Lazio and start going after Andrew Cuomo full force.

Instead, the party begged the DEMOCRAT Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy into switching parties and running as Governor…even though he has no chance of getting on the ballot.

Which is a shame, because instead of having to waste valuable time and money this year fighting amongst his own party, Lazio could have spent it contrasting between him and his ACTUAL OPPOENENT Andrew Cuomo, as he did yesterday in the Daily News

“What is it that people don’t get about Cuomo?” Lazio, a former congressman running for governor, told the Daily News Editorial Board on Wednesday. “You’ve got the personality of Eliot Spitzer, you’ve got an ambition that’s out of control…and you’ve got a record that has no evidence at all of innovation or reform, or a basis to do any of the things we’re talking about right now. I think people sometimes in the establishment just look upon him: ‘He’s the next failed governor of New York. We have to live with him.'”

The upstart Republican wasn’t finished. He blasted Cuomo’s tenure as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Bill Clinton, insisting there’s no evidence he improved efficiency or innovation.

“He was the head of an agency that was the worst-rated agency in the federal government, which is really saying something,” said Lazio, who was was chairman of a House panel on housing.

In another two weeks there’s going to be the nominating convention. Rick Lazio is going to be our nominee for Governor. It’s just a shame he had to waste most of this year fighting his own party instead of fighting the Democrats.


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