Who the Hell is Scott Walker?

I’ve been following Scott Walker on Twitter for a while now, but didn’t pay much attention to who he was until the three men I admire most – Jeb Bush, Newt Gingrich, and Erick Erickson – all endorsed him in the same week. At that point, it was time to see who exactly he was.

Apparently he’s the county executive of Milwaukee (pronounced mee-lee-wah-kay, which is Algonquin for “the good land”).

Apparently he’s running for Governor of Wisconsin.

Apparently he’s also a future conservative leader.

Granted this is all based on one article, and surprisingly enough an article from ABC News at that (though Jake Tapper is the man). It was enough to impress though…

Walker, 42, has put anecdotes about his personal frugality at the center of his campaign. In all his campaign messaging, he touts himself as someone who “drives a 1998 Saturn with 100,000 miles on it” and who “packs the same brown-bag lunch before heading to the office to save money: two ham and cheese sandwiches on wheat with mayo.”

His first television ad touted that he has given back $370,000 in salary over eight years because he thought it was wrong for the county executive to be paid more than the state’s governor. “My wife was like, ‘We’re doing what?'” Walker said in his first television ad. “But we believe that government spends too much and that included my salary.”

Making political hay out of the lunch that he packs for himself, Walker has branded his events around the state as part of a “Brown Bag Movement” that has three tenets: (1) “don’t spend more than you have”; (2) “smaller government is better government”; and (3) “people create jobs, not government.”

If you do nothing else today, click the link for the Brown Bag Movement. It’s brilliant!

Scott Walker is someone you should definitely keep on your radar.


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