Rashad Evans: “I can fight you with your style, and I’ll still kick your ass.”

In continuing with the superb promotion for UFC 114, Bud Light is producing their own behind the scenes look at Rashad Evans training for his fight against Rampage Jackson, that is a) available exclusively on Bud Light’s Facebook page, and b) hosted by the oh-so-sexy Rachelle Leah.

I only became a fan of the UFC with season three of “The Ultimate Fighter,” so I missed Rashad’s season. The first time I saw him fight was against Sean Solomon, which I decided was going to be boring and went to check my e-mail before going to bed…when I heard Joe Rogan lose his shit. I turned to the TV in time to catch the replay of one of the sickest head kick knockouts I’ve seen. Rashad’s been on of my favourite fighters ever since.

Outside of his skills in the ring (most of the fighters in the UFC are elite in that regard), there are two other reasons why I’m such a fan…

The first is that he’s a true student of the game, which is something I’m always impressed by in athletes. He doesn’t just train and fight…he studies. He studies and analyzes all the different styles and all the different fighters – regardless of if they’re in his division or not – to see how he can improve his game…and just because he’s that big of a fan. The only other fighter who comes across as as big a “student of the game” is Kenny Florian.

The other thing is that…he just has the swagger of a champion, in a 1980s era Ric Flair way. I have nothing more to ad other than, as a long time fan of the Nature Boy, that’s really cool.

I’m still not ready to call the fight yet, but the more I see of Rashad training…


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