Newt: RomneyCare Doesn’t Suck So Bad

It’s clear that Newt Gingrich is seriously considering running for President this time around. I know we’ve been through this with him before, but with the release of “To Save America” (which I’ll be reviewing later this week), I’d be shocked if he didn’t run.

It’s also clear that any Republican who does run is going to be running against ObamaCare, a) because it’s increasingly unpopular, and b) it’s very similar to RomneyCare, the health care bill that current Presidential front runner Mitt Romney passed as he was Governor of Massachusetts. Which is something the media makes it a point to bring up whenever interviewing the other rumoured candidates, who of course never miss the opportunity at least a subtle dig at the former Governor (see Huckabee, Mike and Pawlenty, Tim).

So it should come as no shock that during a recent interview, where the reporter lobbed an easy one past the former Speaker of the House, Gingrich took the opportunity to…defend Mitt Romney?!? Go on…

At multiple times during his discussion, the former Speaker pointed to Massachusetts and their public health care initiative as an example of what could happen on a large-scale once the Federal plan is implemented. Gingrich, who has not ruled out a run for President in 2012, would be in direct competition in the Republican primary with the man who was Governor at the time that program was passed, Mitt Romney. Romney who is an early front-runner for the GOP nod, has taken heat from conservatives because of his role in the health care reform efforts in the Bay State. Gingrich passed on the opportunity to give Romney the blame for Massachusetts plan.

“I suspect he wouldn’t do it again,” Gingrich said. “Romney is a very smart guy and he was trying very hard to find a solution to a very big problem.”

Gingrich said that Romney vetoed large portions of the plan, but was overruled by the overwhelmingly Democratic Massachusettes legislature. They are the ones, who passed a plan that Gingrich calls an “unaffordable disaster that serves as a pretty good warning about the Obama plan.”

What’s your game, Newt?


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