Rudy Giuliani v3.0?

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I was hoping for a Rudy ’10 bumper sticker for the back of my car. Originally I was counting on him to run for Governor, but as he seemed less interested and I read more aboot Rick Lazio, I figure he could easy destroy Kristen Gillibrand for the Senate. She even kept giving him openings to run.

Instead, no Rudy ’10, which actually sucks because for a party in need of some serious rebuilding, it would help if we had our top guy out there running for something, travelling the state, and firing up no only Republican voters, but also independents and fed up Democrats.

2010 maybe no have been his year…but 2012?

According to, he’s planning something. As for what that is…

His high-profile re-emergence, coinciding with the return of terror to the national headlines and numerous Sunday show appearances bashing the president on the issue, leaves little doubt that he wants to be in the national mix. What’s less clear is what Giuliani is looking for in his next act.

“He wants to be part of the game in 2012,” said Fred Siegel, a former adviser to Giuliani and author of “The Prince of the City,” a history of Giuliani’s time in office, who still talks with the ex-mayor periodically. Giuliani, Siegel said, is trying to keep his options open for the future by being part of “the game” but isn’t necessarily angling to run for office again.

“As a presidential candidate? Not necessarily,” Siegel said, suggesting that Giuliani could instead try to make himself a cabinet appointee or try for something else with national influence…but there is a strong, and I think justified, sense that there’s a reasonable chance that (President Obama could) be a one-term president. … It seems to me it’s all in play.”

I can’t imagine him running for President. He may “tease it” just for the extra media coverage and to set himself up as a highly sought after endorsement, but he’s not running. He had his chance in 2008, and by all accounts it looks like former Gov. George Pataki is considering a run in 2012.

That said, I do like the way Attorney General Giuliani or Secretary Giuliani sounds. We can figure out which department to put him in charge of once we figure out which Republican is going to win the White House.


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