Send Linda McMahon Back to Florida Championship Wrestling

I actually started off writing aboot wrestling (under the awesomely awesome nome de plume “Freakboy”), so it always amuses me when I get to write aboot Linda McMahon in the context of politics. (Disclaimer: Peter Schiff is my guy in the CT primary).

By now you’ve all read aboot how Connecticut Attorney General and presumed future Senator Richard Blumenthal lied aboot serving in Vietnam. It was shocking, and I’ll let the rest of the blogosphere dish out the outrage. What was also shocking (though obviously not as much) was hearing Linda McMahon BRAGGING aboot being the one who leaked it to the NY Times.

I never considered McMahon a serious candidate. I think she’s just someone who has a lot of money who saw how weak current Senator Chris Dodd was, and that whoever got the Republican nomination would probably be the next Senator of Connecticut. Once Dodd dropped out and Blumenthal got in, the CT race fell off most people’s radars.

The sheer stupidity of the McMahon Campaign bragging aboot being responsible for the leak is two fold:

1. It makes them look incredible bush league.

2. While every article now will be aboot amateur hour with Linda McMahon and Richard Blumenthal lying aboot serving in Vietnam, they’ll also be writing aboot how Rob Simmons (the other Republican candidate) ACTUALLY WAS in Vietnam and serve admirably.

Maybe she should spend some time on WWE NXT being trained by a pro before running again.


2 thoughts on “Send Linda McMahon Back to Florida Championship Wrestling”

  1. I understand not respecting the way Linda McMahon is running the campaign, but at this point you have to consider her a serious candidate, since she’s slightly outpolling Rob Simmons and she just dropped a bombshell on Blumenthal. You’re right about this benefiting Simmons more than McMahon, especially if he wins the nomination, but I doubt it’ll have a big effect on the Republican primary.

    I don’t think Linda wants to appear on NXT- she wants people to actually watch her.

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