At this point you just have to wonder if Rick Lazio used to beat up Ed Cox as a kid, and that’s what this is really all about.

After the Steve Levy Experiment was an epic failure (where even a blogger could tell you he was never getting the 50+1 needed to get on the ballot), there’s now a FOURTH candidate for Governor…

GOP Chairman Ed Cox, whose decision to recruit Democrat Steve Levy, the Suffolk county executive, as a potential GOP standard-bearer this fall has roiled the party, has told people about a possible new contender entering the crowded gubernatorial primary, two sources tell POLITICO. Cox has made reference to the possibility of a fourth hopeful, and sources identified the contender as M. Myers Mermel, the Westchester businessman who has been waging a run for lieutenant governor – without having a running mate.

Mermel is not seen as a major player — despite an endorsement from former presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee and a check from RGA chairman Haley Barbour — and it’s a bit head-scratching as to what the candidate is thinking.

Three things:

1. Thanks to @RobEno because I’ve been dying to use that headline ever since I saw it as a hashtag.

2. I’m a huge fan of Haley Barbour, but let’s be real here. New York isn’t exactly a “swing state,” so while he has possible pick-ups in Ohio and Pennsylvania, I really don’t think the chair of the RGA is that concerned with what’s going on here.

3. While we now have a fourth candidate for Governor, creating even further division in the party, Andrew Cuomo is ready to go on tour and have citizens sign a pledge that they’ll support him in his quest to fight the status quo in Albany…where a DEMOCRAT Governor “leads” a DEMOCRAT controlled Senate and a DEMOCRAT controlled Assembly.  A unified GOP who remembered that Cuomo is the enemy here might have a response to that.


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