TechRepublican: Why is Paul Ryan So Awesome?

Over the past year, Rep. Paul Ryan has developed sort of an underground, indy rock like, popularity among conservatives. If Mitt Romney is like Metallica and Sarah Palin is Green Day, Paul Ryan is like the band 311 circa 1994 or so. It’s just that instead of giving your friends a copy of “Music,” you’re giving them the link to the Roadmap for America’s Future (or getting him booked on “Morning Joe”).

And I’ve noticed lately that I seem to get the most traffic to my site driven to blog posts about him. Whenever I write about someone, I promote it the same way every time…twitter hash tags, official and/or fan pages of the person the post is about, abusing the various YR pages I run for the sake of my own vanity, etc. Yet the traffic to articles about Rep. Ryan is double or triple that of anyone else, including cats like Palin and Marco Rubio who tend to have much bigger followings on the internet.

I started to look at the way he used new/social/direct media platforms. His use of Twitter isn’t all that impressive. Outside of a few articles and media appearances, it’s really just used to re-tweet Heritage’s “Budget Chart’s of the Day.” Where I think his following and “fan base” is slowly being built from is through his Facebook page, and the reason why is both subtle and simple: He doesn’t use it as a politician I’m following…



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