UFC 114: The Birth of a Beef

I was under the impression that the Rashad Evans vs. Rampage Jackson feud started with the stare down at UFC 96, but apparently it dates back to 2004 cornered a fighter – Hector Ramirez – who was fighting Rashad. Ramirez tore the ligaments in his right ankle in the first round of the fight, making him easy pickings for collegiate wrestlers like Evans.

Once he knew the fight was won, Rashad – and this might surprise you – started to showboat. Rampage wasn’t happy or impressed

“Rashad was still dancing around playing with his nipples back then with them little tight shorts on acting like he was doing something,” he told MMAjunkie.com Tuesday during a conference call promoting UFC 114.

Evans didn’t make things better afterward. He idolized Jackson and approached him after the fight. But he forgot – or ignored – Jackson’s bond with Ramirez.

“He came asking me, ‘Hey, man, I want to come train with you,'” Jackson said. “I thought it was real disrespectful because he fought my teammate in the tournament and he disrespected him by talking about his wrestling and dancing around. [I said], ‘I don’t want to train with you, man. You just disrespected my teammate.'”

So that’s when it first started. Back when Rampage Jackson started with PRIDE and long before there was even an “Ultimate Fighter” for Rashad Evans to audition for, these two were already getting on each others nerves.


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