Random Thoughts: Linda McMahon

To quote Aldous Snow, “So this is actually happening. We’re gonna let this happen.”

Linda McMahon actually got the Republican nomination for Senate over the weekends, and while Rob Simmons says he’s still going to run and force a primary, she is the chosen one of the Connecticut Republican Party, which solicited two reactions from two different friends: “I just got a cold up draft from what I believe to be hell” and “I thought this would be a good thing.”

The second quote is from a friend who is involved in the GOP, who sees this as the party thinking outside the box to looks for a candidate in this anti-establishment atmosphere, which he has a valid point aboot.

The rub is the first quote is from a friend who, like me, is familiar with professional wrestling and knows of the wealth of opposition research that the Democrats have at their disposal.

But, at least she didn’t lie aboot serving in Vietnam.


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