The Status Cuomo

Admittedly, I’ve only paid half attention to Andrew Cuomo finally announcing that he’s running for Governor this weekend. I’m sure a lot of this will get flushed out in a robust debate, but there’s one thing that confuses me…is he running as a Republican?

I know we keep adding candidates for the Republican nomination…but Andrew Cuomo? Maybe I’m wrong, but he says he’s going to shake up the status quo in Albany…where we have a Democrat Governor, Democrat Comptroller, Democrat Attorney General, and the Democrats controlling both the Senate and the Assembly. So, that must mean he’s running as a Republican, right?

Then, he finally announced his policy platform: a two percent property tax cap, a freeze on state workers salaries, tax credits, slashing government agencies by 20%, and supports charter schools, a constitutional convention, and independent commission on redistricting. If all of this sounds familiar, they’re some of the very reasons we elected Ed Mangano and Chris Christie last year…and all of the reasons many of us support Rick Lazio this year.

So yeah, it sure sounds a lot to me like Andrew Cuomo is running as a Republican.

Either that, or he’s lying to the voters just to get elected.

Exit quotation from

The real question, of course, is what Cuomo’s hidden catastrophic flaw is. Being a Democratic Northeastern Attorney General, he has to have one: it merely waits to be seen whether it’s hookers (Eliot Spitzer), lying about his military record (Dick Blumenthal), or just having the political instincts of a tasered marmoset (Martha Coakley). Then again, there’s ordinary, vanilla civil corruption – but it turns out that Rhode Island AG (and gubernatorial candidate) Patrick Lynch may have that one sewn up (via Anchor Rising)


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