And now, a public service announcement from Jeb Bush

“People seek my advice out, which is really flattering. The fact that I’m not running for something puts me in a position where I might be listened to more.” – Jeb Bush

I mention this every time I write aboot Jeb Bush, but it really is a shame his last name isn’t “Smith” or “Dziedzic” or something. Jeb Dziedzic would be our strongest candidate going into 2012 and the leader of the Republican Party. He has Newt Gingrich’s knack for policy, minus the baggage.

Jeb Bush is, well, George W. Bush’s brother, and Bush did this, Bush did that, Bush did it with a waffle ball bat.

At least he’s still a vital voice in the party, even if he probably never will run for office again (thought Florida Sen. Bill Nelson is up for re-election 2014…just saying). We need more people talking aboot education reform, and pushing the party to present our better ideas to the American people, as opposed to just yelling the words “Socialism.”

He recently sat down with the Weekly Standard, and had the following sage like advice for us going into the 2010 elections…

His advice to Republicans for the midterm elections: Pursue a bold, policy-oriented campaign. “I completely disagree with the idea that you rope-a-dope,” he says. “If we just are trying to be against the president’s efforts to redefine who we are as a nation, eventually…you can’t score many touchdowns playing defense the whole game.”


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