TechRepublican: What the GOP Can Learn from the UFC

I always tell my fellow YRs that they need to lighten up and, for the love of God, have interests outside of politics. The master plan is to get everyone to break the old school Alex P. Keaton style of Young Republicanism. More importantly, having interests outside of politics is great when it comes to breaking the ice and networking. It can’t all be about fighting socialism and getting to the bottom of where the President was really born…KIDDING! That’s sarcasm, folks.

My top non-political interest is mixed martial arts, what most people know as the UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship. We all get together every month with a case or two of beer and watch guys pummel each other. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. However, besides being one of the fastest growing sports and another excuse for my friends to get together and drink (and this is where I get to the point of why you’re reading this), the UFC is also a highly lucrative private company, and I find myself becoming more and more impressed with how they’ve been utilizing new/social/direct media.

The question is how do we take some of their ideas and interpolate them into a political campaign? There are three things they do specifically that I think can not only be incorporated into a campaign, but done so using minimal resources.



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