UFC 114 Results: What’s Next for Rampage Jackson?

Apparently being off for over a year affected Rampage Jackson. The same fighter who dominated Wanderlai Silva and Keith Jardine didn’t seem to know how to deal with Rashad Evans.

He scored those big shots in third round and the fight looked like it was going to be stopped. But the rest of the fight, he just looked gassed. I also don’t remember Rampage ever being taken down as easily as he was being, even factoring the fact that Rashad was a collegiate wrestler for…I think Michigan State.

Obviously there’s going to be a rematch. If Rashad’s next fight his Shogun, it would make sense for Rampage to fight Lyoto Machida, or even Little Nog. I’d have both Jackson and Evans fighting on the same card next. If they both win (probably) or both lose, you automatically have the set up for Rampage vs. Rashad 2.


One thought on “UFC 114 Results: What’s Next for Rampage Jackson?”

  1. Rampage didn’t really land a decent punch all night. I think getting caught early in the first round left him foggy the rest of the way. He stayed tough through the fight though – and I’m glad he didn’t act stupid after the decision.

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